Léelo en castellano

If I knew how to make petit poi, I’d knit “Don’t Panic” specifically to support this online underground magazine for their help in my tour around Portugal. But I turned to be a musician, so it needs to be this way:

I am a musician because I failed at sports, by the time of life when your parents focus you either on sports or music. I only scored once during a whole year center attacking in football, and did not even mean to score but to pass to someone else. The football ended up getting in and everyone congratulated me so I said I did it on purpose by adding to my kick some extrange effect I developed myself. It was a great day. I was jummping on happiness all day long. We lost the game.

My brother had an old guitar three stringed and by the moment I felt free, comfortable and nice while improvising with those strings, I knew that my future woud change, and so it would for Betancunia, the football team where I was playing.

Don’t Panic reminds me of the good times of Madrid Underground Magazine, but in Portuguese version. Didn’t you hear about Madrid Underground? Didn’t you.. You not .. Didn’t you know …? Well I didn’t either. I’m gonna have look now.    😉


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