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The music and people’s good energy are without doubt the best qualities of Freekuency Festival 2012. A good bunch of non mainstreamed DJs and bands spread in the Portugal’s countryside playing for an audience very focused on having fun and contributing to the nice and positive vibe so gigs and sessions are much more fun. You also notice that energy wandering around by the river, circus or close to the fire. I’m definitely coming next year again.
I drop here some videos of Shelzen and me Beatmac playing on a stage shaped like a pirate ship being swallowed by a giant squid. The coolest stage I’ve ever seen and played on.

PS: Do not forget toilet paper when you go yo Freekuency. If you do, you will be in trouble, fiesta finito, no more fun. Baby wipe for sensitive assholes. Oh bring a chapstick too if you will be drinking nonstop the whole weekend. Too much alcohol dehydrates your beautiful and well care fleshy lips. And you don’t want that, do you? do you? 😛



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