It is an advanced class for singers, where we learn how to improvise in a very organic way, with a completely practical exploration of musical harmony, listening, teamwork, playing and feeling.

A training and research laboratory to address the improv in a practical way, looking for new musical paths. We analyze great improvisers in order to obtain more resources for our own unique way of expressing ourselves through music.




Most improvisers work the same way, copying patterns and licks from other artists, always focusing on an analysis of the melody.

Thwough our method, we will become aware of all the elements involved in a piece of music (melody, harmony, rhythm, texture, intensity, volume, height, content, etc), training scales, arpeggios, work the rebound listening, communication, stage fright and error as opportunity. Everything always in a very practical way.

Learn the soundlooping code of musical and theatrical orchestral improvisation by playing, feeling, words and physical and musical movement.

Analyze the game in improvisational jazz, soul, funk, pop, ethnic, reggae, hiphop, etc, always in tune with our own style, to develop a unique and exclusive form improvisation .

You will train with other singers like you in an ensemble of musical improvisation.


The class is intended for professional singers or students with some knowledge of vocal technique, who want to deepen or approach the world of improvisation.

Training is always in groups with a minimum of 5 and maximum of 15 people per group and a basic singing test is required in order to train with teammates.


It is a musical and theatrical improvisation technique developed from researches made by Sauce Ena and Beatmac throughout several countries, with professional a capella music bands, professional and amateur theater companies, dance groups, Communication students, improv theater groups and mixed groups.

The name comes from the combination of soundpainting codes together with a musical form based on ostinato music based on loops.

Argentina, Uruguay and Spain are so far the countries where there are groups that use this technique to compose spontaneously improvised musical theater shows from organic triggers such as the body and voice, and musical compositions, resulting improvisations of melodies, lyrics, harmonies and stories.


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