Léelo en castellano

I saw yesterday the movie “Embargo”, based on the homonym novel by José Saramago. Of course, I watched it in Portuguese original version. I say “of course” taking the risk of sounding somewhat haughty, but I’m getting more and more fed up with dubbing everytime. I also wanted to start getting used to the sounds of Portugal, with which I dream about since El Gadzé, Portuguese land’s manager and friend, confirmed all the dates of the tour. Rita, my friend from Porto living in a lovely attic in Madrid, wants to let me his favorite book (can’t remember its name) in Portuguese for my 20-day trip. Recommended by this girl, it must be an interesting experience.

Portugal is a country that inspires me, attracts me. I can’t say I know it well though. This time I’ll go to Fronteira, Ponte do Sôr, Beja, Lisbon and Porto Torres Vedras, driving along with El Gadzé, and a short way with Mendo.

Fado, fish, drumnbass, ocean… I can’t fucking wait to go!


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