Léelo en castellano

Yes! MC Mendo is coming for the first days in the Portugal Tour, to do some Spanish freestyles over my tunes, for our Portuguese brothers. Some rap, some drumnbass, we’ll be flirting with ragga and dubstep sounds improvised by looping and beatboxing.

Mendo is Rober and vice versa. A guy who has been polishing up his flow fast, listening to very respected Spanish rappers and writing about them as a journalist specialized in rap music. For me, he’s been a classmate, workmate, businessmate and a very good friend, who has achieved more than respect for his writing and singing true and humble lyrics.

Uses a lyrical style that is spinning images on the head, causing occasional smiles while he talks truly about life, himself, women, work …

In a few lines from one of his songs, summarizes how he went from writing about rap to writing rap: “I removed my fear and tasted life. Stood up and uncork my bottle of saliva. There it goes. Pursue it. Going too fast. Bitter, strange and damn addictive. ”


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