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This year I will play two days in the Barcelona’s Sonar presenting a pair of new machines from Korg, which are very cool: The Kaoss Pad Quad and the Mini Wavedrumm. Two new tools for a live set.

The Kaoss Pad Quad is a nice gadget similar to the Kaoss Pad 3, but without the option to record and sample live. It allows you to combine effects on the spot and improves the possibilities of looping. This last part is what interests me more to play around and improvise live whatever you spit on the mic. Very funny.

I love the spot of dirt added by the KPQ on the music. In general, all my machines have that dirty point of distortion, decimators, flanging, loops, etc. Music like sex, the dirtier the more makes me horny. Yeah! I got one of those phrases to be cited in the future. hahaha … haha .. ha. (…) ha. Em..

Here’s a video of the KPQ, posted more for the musical selection than its teaching expertise:

I don’t have the Mini Wavedrumm yet, so no idea. But I’m dying to play it live.

If you go to Sónar, check out the MACBA’s Auditori on Thursday 16 at 19:00 or Saturday 18 at 15:00. I’ll be improvising some hardcore.


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