Léelo en castellano

The first thing that comes to your head when you are asked to participate in Vidas Anónimas TV Show, is that you might be a freak. A weirdo. Someone to shoot for people at home can laugh evilly without complicity. That evil we all have inside and I do not know whether it is healthy to have it but it is healthy to recognize that what we all have it.

Come on! Well of course you have it too! Didn’t you laugh when you saw that lady who put a plastic bag over the head to prevent her neighbor pee on her? Do not worry, it is logical. If you laugh at yourself, why not at people?

That’s exactly what I got to see just when they talked about the proposal from the TV Show and, without too many thoughts, I said yes. I think I said to myself that I could come up with an excuse later in case I don’t like the idea once I give it a thought, but it was not necessary, since Luis Espinosa, the journalist in charge of my mini story convinced me that “the new TV Show season counts with freaks and interesting characters.”

For some narcissistic reason I included myself among the non-freaky ones, but my optimism could be slapped by a biased and sensasionalist report, with cruel optic.

Fuck it! I just wanna greet my mom on TV!



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