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Raúl Beatmac is an actor, director and musician from Madrid, with long experience as a theater and music teacher at important educational international centers such as AISGE, AECID, PROEXDRA and dozens of others.

He has conducted more than 70 musical and theatrical choirs in Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and France, in addition to coach for theater companies such as El Piso Qema (Peru), Alejandro Pellegrino company (Argentina), and musical choirs such as La Yesca (Argentina) and Camino de Vida (Peru).

He has acted in viral humor videos that have been shared more than 30 thousand times and reached more than 6 million people such as: El fail de Jonás.

He has directed theater and music shows such as:

Raúl Beatmac is the Spanish Musical Impro’s Company director where he produces Musical and Dance-Theater plays, composing the music and directing the plays.

Beatmac improvises music with his voice and loop stations. He does not use pre-recorded music, but scat, beatbox, guitars and keyboards played live, creating a very organic session with powerful songs in styles as jazz, breaks, dub, swing, techno, dubstep, drumnbass, reggae, rap and so. His talent for improvisation, makes each gig unique and unrepeatable. An essential name in the world live looping scene since 2008 where he played several times at Spanish TVs, Sónar Barcelona (2010-2011) and several international festivals.

He has already shared the stage with great artists like Emir Kusturica, Graham Haynes, Le Peuple De LHerbe, Todd Terje, Cristina Rosenvinge, Dremen, Scud Hero, Daniel Higiénico, M-Clan, Funky Style Brass, DJ Floro, Maika Makovski, Zahara, Tricoma, Freak Mummy, Aqeel, Javier Alvarez, Sátira Sativa, Telémaco, etc,

In Spanish, Portuguese, English, Brazilian, Argentine and Uruguayan a Festivals like Slow-Mo Sunset (Sao Miguel dos Milagres, Brasil 2012), Mischief Festival (West Sussex, UK 2012), Payadores Urbanos (Montevideo, Uruguay 2012), Freekuency (Fronteira, Portugal, 2010 y 2011), Sónar (Barcelona 2010 and 2011), Reperkusión (Allariz 2009), (a)phònica (Girona 2010), Tiembla Tenerife 2009, Brujas Festival (Ciudad Real 2009), Millo Verde(Redondela 2010), Mundo Libre (Zaragoza 2009), Rec Festival (Madrid 2011), Tempo (Albacete 2010), Fusibles Festival (Granada 2010), SanfroiDance (Lugo 2010 and 2011), Universal Beats (Alicante 2012), Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid 2009), Festival dos abrazos (Santiago de Compostela 2011), Made in Mad (Madrid 2012). And several clubs in Spain, Portugal, England, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

playing live in national media like La 2 de TVE (Ritmo Urbano and Premios José María Forqué), Radio 3, Punto Radio, Tele 5, Radio Oceánica, Antena 3 TV, Visión 6 TV, ABTEVE TV, etc.


Beatmac was born in Madrid just the same time when his mother gives birth to a beautiful baby emerging from the womb, shaking his head and arms like beavis & butthead to the rhythm of an imaginary dubstep’s tune. The first thing he said was “oh yeah baby”. The doctor thought “this baby can speak English.” He did not know that 23 years later, the ugly and chubby baby would spend a couple of years in England working with the best jazz musicians and meeting the new sounds and trends of the great temple called UK, that would give a nearly final influence on him.

Much earlier, at age 11, decided to play the guitar when he saw his older cousin Carlos surrounded by astonished girls drooling over the neck (of the guitar). He soon began to dream about being the best guitarist in the world beyond Stairway to heaven, More than words and other hits to dazzle women. He took private music lessons in schools as Adagio always using Berklee’s methodology. At 12 he played at his first gig. Since then he has gone through various punk, heavy, blues, rock and celtic bands, that finally led him to jazz, a style that he felt more comfortable with.

He went to Brighton with a backpack, his classical guitar and a weak bank account, a couple of years after spending a year and a half in Hungary soaking up the sounds of the Balkan Gypsies. He soon found work teaching music and playing in restaurants, hotels and private parties in jazz duets, quartets and quintets, where he played the guitar and improvise with the voice. Carbon Logic hired him to record guitars and voices that began to imitate instruments. In a small pub in the city, called The Moore, saw J’m Black looping his guitar live, and falls in love with this way of making music. They became friends and J’m introduced Beardyman to him, who improvised along with J’m in the same pub, using the same Boss loop station, long before winning his first national beatbox championship. Darren (Beardyman), was playing with J’m in this small cafe for a distracted audience while Beatmac was just gaping. Nobody knew that years later, this man would eventually win two national beatbox championships and become one of the most talented musicians worldwide.

Back in Spain, Beatmac works with funk-jazz and triphop bands, looping his voice and guitar. Then decided to go it alone playing at venues like Taboo, Stiletto, Teatro Paradise, Café La Palma, with very positive feedback from various media. The rapper Dnoe hired him to play along in her shows at the Teatro Francisco Rabal and Ohm Club. He was called to play on the José María Forqué Awards at the Palacio de Congresos de Madrid for 2 000 people and broadcasted on national public TV. Outside Madrid, got programmed in Cádiz and Almería venues, and plays in various local parties in Castilla La Mancha, as well as in Mundo Libre Sound Festival in Zaragoza, Tiembla Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Tempo Festival in Albacete, Reperkusión in Ourense, Millo Verde Festival in Redondela, Freekuency Festival in Portugal, Sonar in Barcelona, etc.

On the other hand, Beatmac worked with the great DJ Dstro 187 in a experimental show never seen in Spain, using only beatbox and scratches. They were DJ/Beatboxer residents at Rest Laydown Club.

In 2011, he was touring in Portugal playing at Freekuency Festival and some of the best rooms in Lisbon, Porto, Torres Vedras, Fronteira, Beja, Portalegre, etc..

Late December 2011 and early January 2012 toured along the northern part of Brazil playing in Slow-Mo Festival and Sunset rooms States of Alagoas and Pernambuco.

He is invited to play again at Freekuency Festival 2012.
On may, his first album called Beatmac Menu was released.


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