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Mischief Festival seems to be as authentic as Freekuency Festival but much bigger. The festival is located in a nice spot somewhere in south England. Mischief stands out to me for its quality and music taste, with 7 stages spread over a green landscape in the countryside, each area customized with a theme. Jungle, hardcore, dub, dubstep, fanfarria, new 80s, electro swing, drumnbass, grime, hiphop… There are so many bands, DJs and performers that barely fit on the flyer. I liked a lot Broken Note (Amon Tobin feel), Pas de Probleme or Glitzy Baghags (fanfarria), King Porter Stomp (reggae-rap) and others. I’m also curious about Devilman aka D.E.Velopment (rap-dubstep).

Vivi (Shelzen) and I are going to prepare a new show with a lot of improvisation, energy and party. Be there!  🙂


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