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Beatmac is a phenomenal who has slowly made his multi-faceted talents meld into one stunning improvisational hodge podge. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the raw aptitude this man possesses. FOUND MAGAZINE. SEPTEMBER 2012. (Read)

The XXI century bandman with a great sense of rhythm. MATÍAS PRATS. ANTENA 3 NOTICIAS. (Watch)

This guy sounds like a whole band and gets everyone dancing. RADIO 3. (Listen)

He’s different. Makes sounds with his mouth, put them on their machines and make unique and unrepeatable sessions every time he steps on stage. It is awasome! I suggest you to take a listen to this guy. El Chojin. RITMO URBANO. LA 2 DE TVE . (Watch)

Curious electronic session growing based on loops that pop into powerful tunes making you wanna dance. This deskless DJ, makes mainly funk, hip hop, reggae and drum and bass through futuristic beatbox. INDYROCK. (Read)

Beatmac is music himself. He has brought a very nice taste to this program never seen before. Live show at PUNTO RADIO. (Listen)

To build his songs full of details and arrangements, uses just his voice, imagination and amazing dexterity. EL PAIS. ONMADRID. (Read)

A great idea that becomes an interesting concept, passed through the head of a guy who is full of musicality. It is technically irreproachable because neither gets bogged down in the brilliance of his discovery is not limited to one style. ZONA MUSICAL. (Read) A really explosive mixture of rithm and accuracy. Just a few people there can boast a mastery of rhythm that almost seems genetic. ZONA MUSICAL. (Read)

Great artist that surely will get to the top. 40 PRINCIPALES. (Read)

Beatmac is a riot of imagination, originality and creativity in its purest form. MADRID UNDERGROUND magazine. (Read)

It’s pretty cool! It started nice and peaceful and ended up being a fucking rave just by looping his voice. RADIO OCEÁNICA. (Listen)

This guy left shocked to more than two thousand people who were at the show. Amazing! RADIO CÍRCULO. La Butaca. (Listen)


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